Tutorial: Effects Explained

Effects explained This story explains the various effects that you can use...

Each element can have a range of effects... But not every element can have every effect. And there are some special elements with special effects... For example the fireworks you see above - they can only explode. So choose any color you want and let them do what they are supposed to do.

But most other elements have a wide range of effects. You can select them using the rocket symbol. Here are most of them: explode fade out fade in move in: from top from bottom move out: to top to bottom rotate sparkle

Another special effect is called "parallax". This effect basically moves elements faster or slower than other elements. That way a 3D-effect is created. Move forward/backward on this page to see how it works

Pinning means that the element remains on its position for some time during the slide. Use it for example to hide the hearts. Continue scrolling to see it in action!

Congratulations! You just saw most of the effects that you can use to bring your story to life!

Hang loose while the amazing story
"Effects Explained"
is prepared for you...